Surf Camp Kids - Saturdays

Surf - Windsurf - Skate - Stand Up Paddle - Kayak
During Surf camps kids will learn the basic, depending on weather conditions we will practice :
  • Wind : Windsurf
  • Waves : Surf
  • Calm water : Stand up paddle and Kayak

Benefits of Surfing ( children ).

Surfing, windsurfing or stand up paddle are very complete sports, it allows them to improve their coordination and balance, at the same time, they tone their muscles, increasing their cardio-respiratory capacity, their concentration and their balance. It increases lung capacity and endurance and requires strength and specific work from broad muscle groups (arms, back or buttocks ) toning these areas of the body as well as the abdominals, which are used in most maneuvers.

The great beneficiaries of surfing and its modalities are coordination, strength and balance, which makes this sport a very complete sport for children.

Minors reservation and confirmation form:

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